Opening September 24th!

We will open the doors at our brand new Knapp's Crossing space in Grand Rapids on September 24th! To keep our styles fresh, we are also opening our online store on Sept 24th. We are so excited to see you again!

LENNON + WILLOW: Lennon is my daughter (5) and Willow is my neice (also 5)!! They are more like sisters than cousins and when I was naming the store, I wanted it to have special meaning. There was nothing more fitting than honoring this bond these girls will have for the rest of their life: Cousins, same age.

MORE ABOUT ME: I'm originally from Greenville, MI, married my high school sweetheart and moved away to North Carolina for the first 6 years of married life. Once we started a family, we knew we needed to be around OUR family while raising children of our own. I now reside in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, MI with my three kiddos and husband.

Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to serve you in the fashion community. It's been such a blast!